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Canned Food

Our Premium Grocery

Clover Anise Essence 16oz.jpg


Essence, Pigeon Peas, Banana Leaves (Frozen), Sorrel, Tamarind, and more.

BM Curry Powder Regular

Blue Mountain Country

Curry Powder, Adobo All Purpose, Blue Laundry Soap and more

Clover Jack Mackerel


Africana, Clover, and Geisha

Praise Palm Oil Zomi 2L (W50087).jpg

Palm Oil & Cream

Palm Oil, Zomi Palm Oil, Palmnut Cream

Herring Fillet.jpg

Salted Seafood

Pollock Fillets, Mackerel in Veg, and etc.

CKI Brown Sugar.jpg


CKI Brown Sugar

Ferrol 500ml

Liquid Supplement

Ferrol and S.S.S. Tonic

Spur Tree Pineapple Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Spur Tree

Ackee, All purpose, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Jerk BBQ,

Curry powder, and more.

Clover Coconut Milk 400ml.jpg


Coconut Milk and

Coconut Cream

Pork Tail Vac.jpg

Pork & Beef in Brine

Pork Tail, Pork Snout, Beef Brisket, and etc

CKI Jasmine Rice 20lbs


Brown Rice, Jasmine Rice, and Korean Rice

IP Green Pigeon Peas 12oz (W02100).jpg

Frozen Products

Green Pigeon Peas, Yuca, Banana Leaves, Coconut Water

St Mary Crunch.jpg

Cookies & Chips

Chippies, Ovaltine, Lee's, St. Mary's, and more

Angel Brand Basil

Angel Brand

Basil, Bay Leaf, Chamomile, Chili Powder, Cinnamon, and more.



Milo, Nido, Nutrament, Ovaltine, Supligen, and Vimto

Matouks Hot Pepper Sauce 26oz.jpg


Hot pepper, Mauby,

Calypso and more

Belma Sardines Regular 125ml.jpg


Sardine in Oil

Belma, Brunswick, and Belma

Clover Tea Jasmine.jpg


Clover, SOON, Nirwana,

and more.

IP Carbolic Soap


IP Castle Olive Oil, Dettol,

and IP Carbolic Soap

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