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Bringing you a taste of home

C. Kenneth Imports, Inc.



It’s Great to Meet You

C. Kenneth Imports is the leading importer and distributor of African, Caribbean, and Latin grocery and tropical produce in the Northeastern United States. Since 1977, we have been proudly serving the African, Caribbean, and Latino communities by bringing the flavors and tastes of their native lands to them.  To better serve our customers, our state-of-the-art and the energy-efficient facility was recently renovated and expanded to increase our ambient, refrigerated, and frozen storage capacity and modernize our 8 banana-ripening chambers.


Despite current supply chain issues caused by COVID-19, we are pleased to announce that we continue to consistently supply all our customers with our products that have become staples in the local ethnic communities.

Organic Avocado
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Top of the Line

With years of experience in the industry, C, Kenneth Imports, Inc. has been developing its customer relationships in the greater New York City area since 1977. As the top local supplier of African, Caribbean, Latin, Korean Grocery and Fresh Tropical Produce, we’ve become known for our fair prices and amazing quality. Contact us to become another satisfied customer.

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